Parallel Perspective

We thought with emotions painted on paper,
Thoughts from a place devoid of structure,
Formed from disjointed views and parallel perspective,
Screaming to be heard but speaking to be ignored.

We knew the form and but not the function,
The words but not the meanings,
The sounds but not the feelings,
But this is not true.

The form was old and the function too,
And with the words, so too was true.
The sounds from our mind
Only insight of our time.

As a child looking up to the world,
We were parallel;
Not yet looking down,
But no longer gazing up.

Just to say a little about this, I just had what could very easily be described as a bad day. When I returned home, in an attempt to get my mind of what I had just been through, I cleaned my room. I am often seen by others as being unorganized, but in my own way I know where everything is. My desk is covered in useful material, all placed conveniently…see by others, my desk is covered in junk.

Anyway, as I was putting everything back where they “belong”, I came across a book. It was a compilation of poetry written by High School students from Spring 2009, and as I saw it I remembered that it was given to me because my work had been published. I took it off the shelf, sad down on the couch, and started flipping through the pages. I found mine eventually, and was shocked when I realized that I am proud of what I wrote. I was still in a bad mood, the whole drive home I had been thinking about how I had always been so naïve and continue to be, so I naturally assumed that I would cringe to read something I wrote in tenth grade.


So many people seem to know what to do,
So many people must live in a zoo,
So many people go along with the crowd
And so many people keep falling behind.
That world is so fake.
Someone smiles
Someone laughs
And someone knows it isn’t real,
That they don’t care,
That they won’t wait one moment to walk away,
And never see you again…’til the next day.

Oliver, Grade 10

I continued to flip through the pages, and I began to see that these were the thoughts of my generation as we grew up. These were thoughts from people who have now lived for more than half of their lives in a world that felt the shock of the attacks on September 11th,  and for nearly 2/3 of their years we have been at war. Some talked of life, love, spirituality; others of loss, sadness, and angst. Mine was nothing special, simply the view of a lonely kid in a big world and a small school.

Collectively, these were the thoughts given form by those of this new generation just starting to see the world as it is.

I sat down and thought about all that I had read, and it flowed, so I decided to share it. Thoughts?


I want to see the world

I want to see the world.

I want to drive across America. I want to pause and take it the view. I want to spend time appreciating the beauty of what is all around us. I want to go to other countries. I want to meet other people. I want to hear other songs, see other films, and eat other food. I want to go places I’ve never been. I want to see China and Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Ireland and Germany, Italy and France.

I want to see the world.

I want to fly over mountains, sail across oceans, trek over hills, and drive all over the place. I want to smell the fresh air. I want to feel the wind on my face. I want to hear birds cry and animals roar that I’ve never heard before in-person. I want to laugh in the rain. I want to sleep in the sun. I want to walk in the night.

I want to see the world.

I want to use different currency. I want to speak different languages. I want to drive on the other side of the road. I want to ski on high mountains and drive along the plains. I want to try skydiving. I want to climb to the top of a mountain and yell as loud as I can.

I want to see the world.

I want to be free.

I want to live.