Life’s bus stop

Sailing the waters of this consciousness,
I get trapped in the doldrums of my mind.

Sitting at the bus stop on a busy city street,
Cars go by, and people too,
but here I sit with nothing to do.
A photographer has set up his camera,
He is taking a time lapse photo of a city in motion.
I sit opposite, head hung low, with nowhere to go.

As my mind starts to slow,
The scene starts to flow.
Colors come together,
And lights are long lines going on forever.

The sidewalk is full of ghostly figures,
Some sitting next to me, some walking by.
Buses come and go, people get on and off.
All this happening so slow

I sit here,
Nowhere to be,
Nowhere to go,
Nowhere needed,
Nowhere missed.

And the cars fly by,
And people too,
Each passing by,
All with such important things to do.

Time has passed,
The crowd has thinned.
Here I am.