Puzzle pieces

The walls built to keep out the cold now close in and smother the warmth.

The doors once open now but windows through which I look out into the world as it passes me by.

I stand. Enough. The walls were never there, just barriers in the mind now no longer necessary.

I step out into the world I have seen through the eyes of one who wanted to participate yet felt unable.

Like a puzzle piece taken out of the box I search for my place, but the world is ever expanding and more pieces are added every day. The image is unknown but slowly parts come together. The corners, first, but you are the center. It may never be complete but that is the beauty. Puzzles are merely paintings pixelated in parts and once an image is complete it may, itself, only be a piece in an ever scaling tapestry woven in DNA. Each one of us contains the pieces put together from the very beginning of the Universe and not a single part is insignificant.

Everything comes together to form the present and perfect you. Without you paintings upon paintings will be left without blue skies and green grass. Like the Mona Lisa without a smile you are the key, the most quintessential part of everything that will ever be from this point on. Within you is the power to repaint the sky, fill the ocean, and shine as bright and as fiercely as the sun but you have to find within you the strength to go on when the sky darkens and rainclouds threaten to wash away everything you’ve accomplished.