Dreams you have set

The dreams you have set,
far, far away…
The dreams you have set…
They could all come true today.

The dreams you have set,
They’re simply goals you have set, and these goals,
can be scored.
But like all goals, there is a goalie
and a defense.
And it is their job to make your desires harder to obtain.

This is a wall that you must break through.
And it is a mountain you must climb.
All the courage in the world is required to complete this task,
but all the rewards you could ever want,
lie just beyond your reach in the palms of your hands.

Clear your head,
Cast aside the depression, anger, angst, and guild.
It’s there behind all the fears, doubts, and setbacks.
It’s behind that which you cannot see.
It is behind you.

It is behind you 100%,
There is nothing you can do about them now,
But you can choose how you respond.
Respond by letting them all drive you to not sit idly by and let your dreams slip away?

No, these are the dreams you have set.
And they are the dreams that you can reach.

They are the dreams that require you to wake up,
In order to live them.


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