It touches the soul and makes the mind weep.

Sometimes I wonder how we, as humans, will be remembered when we’re gone. One of the things that pops into my head is that we will be remembered for music.

We sing songs about everything. From ballads of war heroes to the songs of loves lost and found, music covers everything.

I’ve grown up around music, but I’ve only recently discovered it. We pour our hearts out in song and for what? Do we want to be heard? Maybe, but it’s more about letting go and allowing yourself to do and say what you so dearly need to.

The poetry put together with the tune and rhythm is so magical it seems to transcend time and for a few minutes everything stops and there’s only the sound—the music—and that is all that matters.

It is relaxing, meditative almost, and it’s something we could all do with more of.



High School

I am done; refreshed but depressed.

I had looked forward to this day for quite some time now. Sometimes I didn’t think I would make it, but I have. However this day is bitter-sweet.

I was shy and I kept to myself for way too long. I fear that as the weeks and months now move on after graduation that I’ll loose contact with the friends who I seem to have only recently met even though I’ve been in classes with many of them for four years.

There are things that I’ve wanted to say, people who I wish I got to know better but it’s too late now.